Optimum Tech Goes Hands-On with Skyreach 4 Tiny (S4T)

Optmum Tech, a SFF focused YouTube tech channel has gone hands-on with Skyreach 4 Mini with a complete Ryzen 5600G APU build. While the processor left Optimum Tech wanting, the Skyreach 4 Mini was well received, and continues NFC’s well respected case design.

Features of the Skyreach 4 Mini include:

  • 3.3L base size that is expandable.
  • 239mm x 200mm x 69mm base size.
  • 1.6mm to 2.0mm thick aluminum panels.
  • 47mm height base CPU cooling.
  • Expandable to include to include dedicated GPUs and SFX power supplies.
  • $165 starting price.

Here is a link to the S4T product Page