Impactics DMono is a Passive Thin-ITX Chassis

Breathing life back into the Thin-ITX form factor is the Impactics DMono, designed for Gigabyte variants of Thin-ITX. This appears to be your typical Mac-Mini inspired Thin-ITX chassis, but with one twist – there are no fans! Built from a CNC aluminium baseplate and a 5mm thick extrusion for the sides, front and back, and supports 35W Intel 115x processors. The whole shebang weights in a 2.65 KG, not unexpected considering the sheer mass needed to absorb the wattage of the CPU. There are four variants, being a black and silver variant, and subvariants of these two which change the location of the power button. Thin mini ITX motherboards from GIGABYTE are supported.

The DMono will be available exclusively from, at a MSRP of 200€.


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