Galax shows off a single-slot GTX 1070!

At the GALAXY & NVIDIA Carnival in Wuhan, China, GALAX (what GALAXY goes by in North America) showed off a single-slot GTX 1070.

The defining feature is, of course, the fact that the stock heatsink and rear IO is just a single slot in thickness, with what appears to be a pure copper heatsink to compensate for the smaller surface area. Not visible in this picture, but the PCB is about the same length as a reference GTX 1060 with the section of the card with the fan extending past the circuit board. The power connector is a single 8-pin connector, as is standard for the GTX 1070.

The selection of display outputs is a bit lackluster, with one each of DVI-D (digital-only), DisplayPort, and HDMI. DP to DVI or HDMI adapters are cheap enough, so I would have preferred to see a single HDMI and multiple Mini DP connectors for more flexible multi-monitor options, but beggars can’t be choosers.

Details are sparse, but supposedly it will launch sometime next year for ~$379, though no word on whether it will be exclusive to the Chinese market.

Image source: OC3D

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