Galax Launches 168mm Long RTX 3060 GPU

Photo Credit: All photos in this article from Galax Website

Videocardz has spotted that Galax has launched another GPU that you will probably only be able to see in pictures: The RTX 3060 Metaltop Mini FG. Coming in at just 168mm long, the Mini FG is a two slot RTX 3060 based card with a boost clock on 1777MHz. One nice feature is that it’s open at the rear to exhaust some of the heat the card produces from the case. For SFF users, that can be a big advantage. Combined with some upcoming SFF systems in our concepts forum, you could have a system that’s a fraction of the size of the Xbox Series X or PS5, but still has about the same GPU power.


Ok…Let’s be honest here. It’s a neat looking card with solid potential for SFF users, but short of a miracle we’re never going to see these in large numbers. However, the design looks good and when supply finally catches up with demand, it might be one to consider. If you get your hands on one, let us know in our forums how it’s working for you.

Link to the Videocardz article.

Link to the Galax product page.