Computex 2016 SSD Roundup

Computex 2016 saw quite the number of new SSD announcements. For brevity, I’ll skip the 2.5″ SATA drives and focus on M.2, U.2, etc. since they’re the future of SFF storage from a performance and space-savings perspective.


ADATA – 2TB NVME M.2 and enterprise drives

Crucial – NVME Ballistix TX3 and 2TB MX300

Galax – Hall of Fame

Micron – 1100 and NVME 2100

Patriot – Hellfire

Plextor – M8PeG (first M.2 drive to come with a heatsink, pictured above) and EP2-series

PNY – PhantomX Phison-based NVME SSD

OCZ – Revodrive RD400 (this one’s actually released now)

PCIe card

Galax – Hall of Fame

Patriot – Hellfire

Plextor – M8PeG (with heatsink and LEDs) and EP2-series


ADATA – Enterprise and 2TB consumer drives

Galax – Hall of Fame

SATA Express

Image credit: Jez Arnold
Image credit: Jez Arnold


Samsung – 512GB NVMe SSD on a chip

Overall I’m really pleased with the plethora of upcoming M.2 drives in both budget-oriented AHCI and performance-focused NVMe flavors. 2.5″ SATA drives are bottle-necked in max speed by the SATA 3.0 interface and the form factor is unnecessarily large considering how small the PCBs inside has gotten in recent years due to shrinking manufacturing processes. M.2 drives can alleviate both those issues and they also eliminate the need for any cables to boot, it’s perfect for SFF builds.

Thoughts? Did we miss a drive? Let us know in the forum here.