BIOSTAR 200 Series.. Where are they all?

Continuing the alphabeticalness (yes, that’s a word) of the 200-Series board parade, now we have BIOSTAR. Well, we thought we did, but we can only find two boards for this generation on their site!

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Z270GT4 Ver 5.X

U.2 makes a return on the BIOSTAR RACING Z270GT4 Ver 5.x (seriously, this chipset just launched, why are we at version 5 already?!), combined with 1x M.2, USB3.0, RGB LEDs and control, as well as 6 SATA 3. No SLI here, just CrossFireX for those multi-GPU fans.

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B250GT3 Ver 6.x

Bye-bye U.2.. again, and welcome the replacement on this board, a 16GB/s M.2 slot. Pick your poison, I suppose. The B250GT3 Ver 6 (!!) also has Realtek ALC887 audio, compared to it’s brother’s ALC892.

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So, what do you think of BIOSTAR’s initial offering? Let us know in the forum.