ASUS Upgrades the ROG Huracan G21 Prebuilt

Launched in the middle of 2018, the ASUS ROG Huracan G21 has been getting a bit long in the tooth. Realising this, ASUS has decided to give the system the refresh treatment, upgrading the platform, CPU and GPU. This 17.7L (129.9×372.4×366.1 mm) chassis houses a decent gaming rig, replete with the RGB and fancy acronyms expected.

First up, ASUS has replaced the original H370 chipset board with a Z370 unit – possibly unlocking the ability to overclock. This upgrade is to support a choice of CPUs based on the Intel 9th gen platform, namely the i7-9900K, 9700K and the i5-9400K. This upgrade gives the G21 the ability to have 8 cores (with 16 threads), making this a moderate powerhouse. No word as to ASUS creating an AMD platform variant, though, with all their ROG desktops living firmly in the blue camp.

The GTX 1000 series cards available with the previous generation have been replaced with 2000 series, being the RTX2080, 2070 and 2060 cards. These options are all blower-equipped cards.

Storage stays the same as the original unit, with options for a 128/256/512 M.2 NVME or SATA M.2 drives, a 1 or 2TB 3,5″ HDD and a single 2.5″ “hotswap” bay. Memory also stays the same, with up to 32GB of DDR4-2666. For complete specs of the previous generation, see here, as the product page is yet to be updated. at time of writing.


Source: Techpowerup