ABIT Returns With a Folding @ Home Focused Motherboard

UPDATE: This is an April Fools joke :)

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April 1, 2018, Taipei, Taiwan

ABIT, one of the original stalwarts of the motherboard world, is returning to the consumer market! The ABIT F@H-250-XT comes hot on the heels of the many GPGPU boards released on to the market recently, but with a twist. We believe that the scientific research programme, Folding @ Home, is doing great things, and feel that a product needs to be developed to assist in the computational need.

Featuring “GDDMN-MNRS” technology, the F@H-250-XT detects if Coin mining is being performed on the board, and shuts it down to protect the hardware. If the Folding @ Home software is being run, the same technology optimises power delivery and bus clocks to ensure 100% stability under load. Due to the minimal disk and memory needs for GPU based Folding, a single DDR4 SODIMM slot, and lone SATA and M.2 ports are specified, leaving more board space for graphics cards for Folding.

The board will be available for free with any purchase of 16 GTX 1080 ti graphics cards from NCIX**.


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Apologies for the lame April Fools Joke! ** We’re kidding here, folks. No free motherboard to be had.