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I'm building a few sets of cables suited for sandwich-style enclosures (Dan A4, Winter One, Ghost S1, Formd T1, etc.), and need someone with access to a 30-series Founders Edition GPU (any model with a 12-pin power inlet) to test the connector fit and overall length. I don't personally own a current-generation GPU to test with!

The cable is designed specifically for sandwich-style cases, and will only work with Corsair SF-series power supplies.

The ideal candidate has a 3090FE GPU (due to the additional height), one of the aforementioned cases, and is relatively savvy with electronics. While I'm confident in my workmanship, I want to make sure the recipient knows how to verify the cable before installation, to prevent damage to their hardware. Of course, there is some risk associated with using custom cables, so I ask again that only those with some understanding of custom cables, the idiosyncrasies of PSU pin-outs, and who has some experience troubleshooting with a multimeter request a sample cable.

Upon receipt, all I'd expect is a photo of the installed cable, and confirmation of a good or bad boot.

The cable is free, and would be yours to keep. If/when the rest of the cable sets are ready, I'll make sure you have right of first refusal, and a nice discount. I'll cover shipping within the United States via USPS.✌️

Please respond with the case and GPU you'd like to test with! Thank you! 💕

P.S. If there is a decent response here, I may make multiple cables available for validation with a variety of cases! 😎
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Jul 20, 2019
Hey there, I've got a 3090 FE and a FormD T1 to test! I'd like to "flip" the PSU so that the cable run to GPU is substantially shorter.