Time for a new SFF PC

Moving over here from HardForums and Reddit. Great to see one place for SFF community!

Here is my current build:

NCASE M1 V3 (V5 Upgrades)
Intel Core i5 3570k 4.5Ghz
be quiet! Dark Rock TF
Asus P8Z77 - i Deluxe/WD
HyperX Fury 2x8gb DDR3-1866
Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 (Accelero III)
Silverstone SX600-G
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB
WD 4TB Black

Looking to move to a new build with a Ryzen 5 and possible a 2060/5600xt, still up in the air. But man the new cases coming out of this community... I want the Formd T1, a cool vertical case like the Xbox Series X, and my new interest is the Mozaik Klotz!