Selling Skyreach 4 Mini Complete Build - USA $850 + Shipping

Hello SFF Enthusiasts,

I'm selling a gently used, brickless Skyreach 4 Mini build. Its been used primarily as a console replacement for light gaming. The specs & included accessories are as follows:

Please note I am limiting this sale to US buyers only.

  • CPU: i5 - 8400
  • Motherboard: ARock H370-ITX/Ac Wireless Motherboard
  • RAM: 2x8GB Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3600Mhz
  • Storage: Inland (Kingston) 512GB M.2 NVME Drive
  • GPU: EVGA GTX 1660ti
  • PSU: HDPlex 400W AC-DC & DC-ATX Combo
  • Cooler: Cooltek LP53 FULL COPPER cooler w/ 92mm Noctua Fan Mod
  • Power Swtich, Skybracket Duo, Skybracket
  • Custom Kareon Kables LP GPU 8-pin Cable
  • Custom sleeved power cable with GX16 connector (made by Josh)
  • Windows 10 Home License (will be installed on drive)
  • All HDPlex accessories will be included as well.

Feel free to comment or message me with questions.

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What's an ITX?
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May 2, 2020
Super interested in this, but would ultimately end up replacing the mobo/cpu/gpu. Any chance you'd be willing to part those pieces out?