Closed SFF System / DDR3 memory / Nouvolo Steck

I have a small form factor pc for sale. I had a few parts laying around and was going to make a small Plex Media Server. I ended up going another route and just have no use for it.
It has the following parts:
Silverstone SG13 Black
Corsair SF450 SFX psu (gold rated)
Silverstone ATX/SFX psu adapter
Ryzen 1700x cpu
Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR4 3333mhz 32gb (2 X 16gb) sticks / Samsung B Die / Dual Rank
Asrock Fatal1ty AB350 Gaming-ITX/ac motherboard
Samsung 970 EVO Plus 256gb m.2 drive
WesternDigital 4TB 7,200 RPM drive 64mb cache mechanical hard drive
eVga 120mm CLC
2 Thermaltake 120mm (red led) in push / pull
eVga GTX 1650 SC Ultra 4gb video card single 6 pin power
Cablemod Red and Black cables (1 24pin / 1 4pin cpu power / 1 8 pin pice / 2 sata power (1 is extra)

In the bios I have everything default except A-XMP and fans both at 100%. This does not have a valid window's key you will need to provide one install a different OS. I ran Aida64 for 25 minutes and the temps are displayed in the pictures. Not a bad system overall. The weakest link is the GTX 1650 SC ultra.

SOLD I am asking $525. I am including shipping and I have every box as well. More than likely it will be shipped out with FedEx 3 day select.

SOLD I have a used Asrock Fatal1ty X370 Gaming-ITX/ac motherboard. I think it is the Gen1 with the tall VRM heatsink and pad. I think they later changed it with a different thermalpad for both the x370 and b350 boards which are nearly identical. It was in the above system but 2 of the usb ports (pictured) when you plug anything in them in device manager they connect and disconnect repatedely every 1/2 seconds. Not sure if it related to the VRM heating with this gen 1 version or just faulty controller some where. It should have the latest bios for pinnacle ridge version 5.7 not the 5.9 that is currently the latest. it has the box and the m.2 screw as well as the stock wifi antennas. it does not have the 2 stock sata data cables. No idea where they went.

I am asking $60 shipped out via FedEx

SOLD I have a Nouvolo Steck V1 in matte black with 2 expansion sections. I had ambitous goals of have a dual aio system with a 280mm and a 120mm aio's but it was just not going to work. I had to round one of the mounting brackets near the gpu because it hit the shroud on my evga 2080 ftw3 hybrid card. You can see the difference between them. Overall its not a bad case. The gpu mounting screw area shows lots of use on the screw hole. I also have 2 full sets of tempared panels as well as the vented set.

I am asking $100 shipped via FedEx 3 day select.

BitFenix Alchemey 2.0 CSR series Red and Black cables for Corsair psu's. These are not extenxions but replace the entire cables.

I am asking $40 shipped and it will go out via FedEx

SOLD Patriot 16GB DDR3 1600mhz (2 x 8gb) sticks. These are viturually brand new. The chuirch I attend needed to try and upgrade an older system and it was so old it wouldnt POST with 8gb sticks.

I am asking $40 shipped via USPS Priority

SOLD GSkill DDR3 1333mhz 8gb total (4 x 2gb sticks) These are 2 seperate kits but they were all installed together without any problems.

I am asking $20 shipped via USPS Priority

I live in the southwest usa. Up in the four corners area of az/ut/co/nm I have several large itx cases as well but I really do not want to ship them. I have 2 Metallicgear Neo silver itx cases, NZXT Manta Black and Red, Fractal Design Nano S, Phanteks Evolv ITX TG in white, Aerocool Dream Box DIY case. I am asking $40 each or all for $200

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