Closed Thin-Mini ITX HTPC/game build, everything must go!

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I'm selling out all of my computer stuff to downsize everything and I'm just going to get a nice laptop.

Here is what's for sale

1) Perfect Home Theater ultra low profile HTPC chassis

Made of 2-3mm aluminum, very nice quality. Comes with x1 riser, x4 riser (that I converted to open ended), and CPU cooler (similar to the Silverstone NT07). Has space for motherboard, single/1.5 slot low profile expansion card, 2x 3.5" hard drives, 1x 2.5" hard drive, 2x 60mm fans and slim Blu Ray player. $90 + shipping

6) CA-30N slim Blu Ray player with slim SATA power cord. Clicks as it plays, not sure if it's normal or not, can't really recognize it during playback, but I'm knocking down the price for it. - $30 + shipping

7) Silenx IXP 60x25mm 8 dBa fan. 2 available, $5/ea + shipping

8) Sound blaster Omni external 5.1 sound card, $50 + shipping

Sold Items:

SOLD 9) 330 W 19V AC adapter, Unbranded, $40 + shipping

SOLD 10) Rockit88 delid kit with alignment guides for 1151/1155, $20 + shipping

SOLD 2) Inno 3D passive GT 1030 graphics card with standard and low profile brackets. $50 + shipping

SOLD 3) Intel i7-7700T that is delidded and has an aftermarket copper IHS (includes original IHS as well) - $250 (free shipping)

SOLD 4) Gigabyte GA-H110 TN thin mini ITX motherboard - $50 + shipping

SOLD 5) 2x 4GB sticks of Crucial DDR4 2133MHz SO-DIMMS - $80 + shipping

MOD EDIT: Moved sold items to end for readability, because I'm nice like that :) - Confusis
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Apr 2, 2017
Whereabouts would you be shipping from? - Might be interested in the 330w brick depending on if I pick up a Dynamo 360 or not :)
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