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AMD hasn't announced the Radeon 7000 series details yet, but some of their power usage statistics have slipped out as Seasonic has updated their PSU calculator to include them. There isn't much surprising in their recommendations. Choosing a 12900K with a 7900XT puts the recommendation at an 850 watt PSU as a minimum. The same is recommended for a 12700K and 7800XT. A more modest 12600K with a 7700XT requires only a 650 watt PSU. At least according to Seassonic.

You can try the calculator by CLICKING HERE.

The days of 650 watts being enough for a high end SFF PC, or even 750 watts for that matter, are at their end. The GeForce 3000 series built the coffin, and the Radeon 7000 series will nail it shut. Plus there are the rumors that the new GeForce RTX 4060 will use as much power, if not more, than a RTX 3070. It's time to start looking at more powerful PSUs.

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Apr 21, 2019
That's unfortunate... Was hoping for a Navi 31 true 2 slot GPU, that was 267mm or less long, and not very tall to pair with my 750W PSU as a final upgrade to this build :(

Sad 😭

Was hearing that RDNA 3 was going to be super efficient

Edit: seems like it was removed from the calc?


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Sep 13, 2022
ATX 3.0 can be calculated smaller as they can withstand power spikes much better - no need for overprovisioning. In theory...