Storage Sabrent Rocket NVME PCIE-3 - Any good?

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Dec 2, 2018
Looking around on Amazon, and I came across this: The Sabrent Rocket (The PCIE 3 model). The 2TB model is on Amazon UK for £279.99 or $229 on Amazon USA which seems like a crazy good deal considering how expensive 2TB drives are. Reviews seem OK, unless you plan on cloning (which I don't plan on doing).

Has anyone had any experience using this drive?
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May 13, 2019
I have the 1TB and its great!

Make sure you get a heat sink though or you'll hit throttling.

They released a tool to allow 512 byte emulation so no problems with cloning or use the recommend software.


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Jul 3, 2018
I also have the 1 TB. Same speeds. No temp issue. Can't starve it for air though. Mine gets enough air and overall serves its purpose very well.
But heads up: You won't be able to clone it because of the unorthodox sector allocation issue that everyone has pointed out on Amazon reviews -- look closer at those reviews. I'm fine with not being able to clone because I've backed up all personal Windows files with OneDrive. For subsequent builds, however, I've moved to the Silicon Power 1 TB over the Sabrent on my Mini and one other SFF build just because of the cloning issue. Probably won't get another Sabrent. But it'll work for you if you don't need to clone it.