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  1. F

    [Close] Ceberus hard drive mounting

    Hi, the Cerberus can be ordered with 3 2x3.5" hard drive brackets. Where do they mount and how much space is left for other components? Do they mount at the bottom side by side? With the hard drive brackets installed and populated is there room for a 2.5 slot graphics card? And would that work...
  2. Analogue Blacksheep

    Storage Sabrent Rocket NVME PCIE-3 - Any good?

    Looking around on Amazon, and I came across this: The Sabrent Rocket (The PCIE 3 model). The 2TB model is on Amazon UK for £279.99 or $229 on Amazon USA which seems like a crazy good deal considering how expensive 2TB drives are. Reviews seem OK, unless you plan on cloning (which I don't plan on...
  3. ThatRacingGuy

    In the interest of storage (m.2)

    My Asrock X370 motherboard is described as having 1 x Ultra M.2 Socket, supports M Key type 2280 M.2 SATA3 6.0 Gb/s module and M.2 PCI Express module up to Gen3 x4 (32 Gb/s) (with Ryzen Series CPU) or Gen3 x2 (16 Gb/s) (with A-Series APU)* *Supports NVMe SSD as boot disks The question is...