Prototype REVOCCASES RCC-MIT1 | Mini ITX Tower Case | Classic Layout | Minimalistic Design


Airflow Optimizer
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Feb 11, 2020
a customer asked me to make him a modified version to fit his EVGA 3060 Ti XC GAMING - coming close to 9.3L let's call it the MIT1-AIR-XXL

due to the increased size it is possible to mount an 120x25mm fan to support the front to back airflow with a tower cooler like the Silver Soul 135

Probably, those vents are not needed as the fins on the EVGA XC 3060 Ti are oriented vertically, so there will be no front exhaust anyway.



Shrink Ray Wielder
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Apr 2, 2020
I put stuff into it.

I had problems with the power switch* so I swapped it for another but apart from that it's a great case.

I adore the simplicity and looks of it. It's also very light compared to a few other cases I have dealt with.

*LED would turn on, but no power.

awesome, thanks for sharing your build!

apologies for the power switch issue - sounds like the shop where I buy those mixed up the cables/connectors for LED/switch - you could try to swap the two connectors


What's an ITX?
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Jul 1, 2022
I'm sad that I missed the opportunity to buy this wonderful case. I hope there will be a time that I can buy it again