Image Credit – Gear Seekers
Gear Seekers, seen above needing his tracking adjusted, has built a mATX socket 370 Pentium 3 powered retro PC. He uses a Fractal Pop Mini as his case as it has a 5.25 drive bay. Interestingly, the motherboard he chose is actually a replica of a vintage Compaq board. It uses harvested chip-sets while all other parts are new.
Specs include:
Pentium 3 – 1GHZ
Voodoo5 -5500 / Nvidia FX5200
SoundBlaster Live
Crucial SSD for a dual boot to Windows 98 and Windows XP.
For those too young to understand why this is popping up on SFF.N, it’s because building a powerful retro PC from that era in an mATX form was SFF back then. Virtually every component was an add-in card, and hard...

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