Image Credit – PhilsComputerLab
Phil of PhilsComputerLab, seen above showing how he probably spends 90% of his time, has taken a look at a vintage Shuttle SFF PC. Powered by an Athlon XP processor with an Nvidia NFORCE chipset, Phil loads up some classic Windows XP gaming, and even goes for some Windows 98SE action. The onboard graphics worked, but Phil goes for the classic GeForce 4000 series in the form of the GeForce4 4200Ti. Check out his video below, and make sure you subscribe.


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Christopher Moine - Senior Editor SFF.N
Original poster
Revenant Tech
SFFn Staff
Apr 21, 2017
I remember when I first saw one, early 2000's, and thought it was super cool.

I always wanted to build one, but it was tricky to build it with a ATI 9800 Pro at the time.


Master of Cramming
Jul 7, 2021
I just got an Athlon64 Shuttle XPC recently, to fill a space in my (planned) retro-gaming line-up. I totally love that this one still has the beige optical drive and a FLOPPY drive!


Master of Cramming
Jun 17, 2018
The Shuttle XPC was the first SFF PC I ever built for myself.

At the time I was working as a Microsoft Certified Trainer, and we needed various virtual PC environments setup for the training (Windows NT 4.0, I think).

While I can't remember the exact configuration, I do remember buying it along with a Shuttle backpack, which made it a lot easier to carry around.