Concept Rad+fans placement in a sandwich layout case

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Sep 26, 2020
My idea is to put the rad+fans right in front of the mobo. That way, you don't have to increase the width to support rad+fans on top.

Take, for example, the SGPC K55, a 170mm x 110mm x 300mm case. If we leave, say 45mm, for the rad+fans, the thickness will be 155mm. Now, the total volume is still at a tiny 7.9L, under 8L!!!

This would be great for water-cooling, and I'm not sure why people haven't used this layout yet...

Note: Use the rad+fans in a reversed orientation like this for optimal cooling:
Fans - radiator - motherboard - GPU

Like this:

GPU: Light blue
Motherboard: Red
PSU: Green
Fans: Dark blue
Radiator: Orange
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