Stalled The ]M[-SuperCase: 240mm Rad full length GPU 8.7 L volume


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Feb 5, 2018
Hi All,

I would like to introduce the ]M[-SuperCase

8.6 L volume

Micro Atx and Itx Mobo

dual slot GPU with 295 mm length

sfx & sfx-L psu

240mm rad: 125mm rad width and 52 mm thickness with fans

possible to put it in a back-pack

renders and layout are coming soon.

I have been away from forum fo quite some time. but I believe this case will be of interest to many of you. sorry but life took away a lot of my time, and being a lecturer with e-learning is very time consuming.

I hope you all like it once i put the picture and case layout.

Update1: sketch-up draft, includes layout, perforation and overall concept

Hi Again,

below is a first look of the case design and concept:

Itx-mobo with 240 rad layout

Micro-atx mobo layout:

The PCI-E slot is not blocked by the psu. The rest are blocked of course ?.

some details:

dimensions are : 300 x 300 x 97 which equals to 8.73L volume.

in the current configuration for both mobos, the maximum hight for cooler is 39mm. which basically makes is not possible to air cooling. only water cooling.

For Itx, 240mm AIO is possible to fit. the party piece of this layout is you can actually fit what's equivalent to 360mm rad by fitting another 120mm rad and fan in front of the lower portion of the 240mm rad.

alphacool eisbar-lt is the way to go for this setup.

For Micro Atx, 240mm AIO is possible to fit with itx GPU, 120mm with full length.

the motherboard is mounted directly to the side panel with 5mm spacer.

GPU max: length 295, hight: 155, width: 42mm

the power button will be placed in the back. the front will have only 1 usb-type-c port.

material: CNC aluminum 1.5 mm thickness

Now a possible question: why Micro-atx motherboard when you can't use it to its full potential?

well ... it's not really hard. good Micro-atx motherboards are cheaper in general than Itx mobos (around 100$ with similar chipsets) the max ram on Itx is 64GB whilst Micro-atx can go double than that. in a micro-atx you may fit more m.2 storage. and currently you only need 1 PCIE slot for your gpu in most cases (pun intended). 65 Watts CPUs can be cooled with 120mm AIO's.

at 97mm thickness it is possible to put this case in a backpack (medium and large sized backpacks that is)

There is another layout in this case for Air-cooling setup, still working on it and can fit up to 70mm high cpu coolers.

Am designing another layout for this case to make and optimal case for both air cooled and water but Itx only mobo.

That is it so far. Sorry if the post was long. Needed to explain the design Idea.

Please fire up your comments. Give me as much feedback as you guys can. I believe this is the design that I will make into an actual product.

Thank you.
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Feb 3, 2017
Welcome back! I've been a fan of your designs and look forward to seeing what you have!