Project: Xbox One GTX Build


Cable Smoosher
Original poster
Apr 28, 2019
Been procrastinating over this project for waaaaay too long, so thought making a build log would perhaps help me move things along a bit, as well as maybe gather some ideas. So far I've test-fitted the components inside the Xbox One S (All-Digital) case with a laser cut motherboard/GPU tray, as in the photo (although I've now decided the graphics card will be rotated 180 degrees) and have had everything running off the original PSU outside of the case. The aim of the project is to have a PC that I can use for 1080p gaming that looks like a completely stock Xbox One S.

- Intel NUC7i5BNB with an i5-7260U
- Gigaybte GTX 1650 (was the most powerful 75W card at the time I bought it.... might need an upgrade before I'm done)
- Samsung EVO 850 500GB SATA SSD (need to keep the single M.2 slot free for the GPU, plus I can reuse the original HDD mount)
- 8GB RAM (will upgrade to 16GB before everything is completed)

To do list:
- Desolder all I/O from Xbox motherboard
- Design and build a power PCB with a relay switch for the graphics card
- Design and build a PCB for rear I/O with pass-through connectors
- Design and build a small PCB for the front USB 3.0 port
- Design and build a PCB for the power switch and power LED (and maybe add a speaker for the Xbox power-on sound effect)
- Design and build a PCB for Bluetooth and Wifi
- Redesign the acrylic motherboard tray and test-fit components