Log ORODRUIN: 5L Brickless workstation Skyreach S4 Mini - Ryzen 3950x - 2070 Super Mini - 64gb RAM


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Apr 5, 2017
I am surprised to hear that a 3950X (105 Watt TDP) runs with 40-50 degree under load, while the watercooled 3950X hits 70+ degree . I also have 70+ with with my 2600 (65 Watt TDP). What are we doing wrong? Beside not having the pc in the (colder) garage and different cooling solutions. But so much better is really impressive.

Clarified the post's preliminary findings to avoid any confusion with 3950X temperatures in a 5L case. The processor will no doubt run hot when used in normal (indoor) settings. My findings are skewed due to ambient temperature in testing environment.


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Oct 11, 2020
This is amazing, i was considering a custom water loop Dan A4 but i might just go for this instead, i would only game on it and general purpose so i would get a B550, 5600x or 5800x and 3070 mini/3060 mini whenever it comes out. I never knew you could make a brickless S4mini


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May 23, 2018
Awesome build! That's a lot of power in such a small machine! I was wondering where you got the files for the shift bracket? I'm hoping to do a similar build in the near future