Node 202 GPU Fitment/Max Size


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Jan 14, 2019

I was wondering if anyone could help me out, I'm just about to purchase a Node 202 to move my H200 set up into.
Currently I have a GTX1070Ti which is a 2 slot card and I know it fil fit in the N202 based off Fractals measurements online.
I am wanting to upgrade my GPU to a RTX2070 card, and I'm looking at the Asus Strix RTX2070 OC and the measurements are larger than fractals.
I'm assuming fractal have based thier measurements with 2x 120x25mm fans underneath.
If I were to use 2x 120x15mm noctua fans would the card fit?

Fractal GPU - 310x145x47mm (LxHXD)
GTX 1070Ti - 296x144x43mm
RTX 2070 - 305x130x49mm

Im assuming it will be OK, but just wondering if anyone else has 'broken' fractals limitations.

Appreciated if you can give any help/advise.


Shrink Ray Wielder
Jan 20, 2018
I recently helped a friend build a PC in the Node 202 with an MSI RX 570 Armor OC, which is 39mm. There were no issues installing a 25mm fan with that GPU, so extrapolating from that simple math tells us a 49mm GPU should be fine with a 15mm fan. I doubt there's room for much more than that, as there wasn't any space to speak of between the fan and the GPU, but nothing interfered with anything else.

Btw, dual fans might require some ... creative routing of the internal AC power cable, as it's normally run where the fan mounts are and doesn't have much slack. Must be possible though, given that there are fan mounts there.