We would like to thank Noctua for providing us with a review sample of their NH-U12A heatsink. Without their generosity, this review would not be possible.
Fresh off the heels of our NT-H2 Thermal Paste shootout, we have a compelling new heatsink from Noctua, the NH-U12A. This model is more compact than some of Noctua’s larger offerings but offers unparalleled performance for its size due the quality of fans being used. It’s still a little on the larger side and may not fit in most of our cases but for those that have the room, you may not find a better heatsink.
Let’s dive right in shall we?
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SFF Lingo Aficionado
Apr 21, 2017
Arguably the best 120mm heatsink on the market, 140mm performance in 120mm size, but no size, noise or performance testing/comparisons to 120mm and 140mm heatsinks.

Ad or a review? :\
Yes I'm blunt.
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Shrink Ray Wielder
Aug 18, 2016
it's probably a manufacturing thing, but I wish the tips of the heatpipes could be flush flat to the top of the finstack ,_,

applies to all heatsink vendors, but yeah