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Jan 5, 2020
Mission Statement
SFF.Network (SFF.N) is an online community geared towards small form factor enthusiasts: system builders who prize space efficiency and thoughtful design in what they create, use, and enjoy. For users, our aim is to be a resource for sharing builds, experiences, and knowledge; for creators, our goal is to provide a hospitable platform from which SFF-related projects and products can flourish.

In addition to the Terms of Use, we have some additional rules for members of SFF.N:
  • In general, use common sense and show courtesy to your fellow community members
  • Do post in English
  • Don't post links that are shortened or contain referral codes
  • Personal attacks are never tolerated
  • As part of our moderation efforts, some content may be evaluated by us before it is made visible to the public

Vendor Rules
Unlike many other forums, vendors are encouraged to interact with the community and are free to discuss their SFF-related products on SFF.N. This includes posting links to their own products, where appropriate.

Please keep in mind that this is for the purpose of allowing the community to provide feedback and ask questions. Users who don't engage with the community, or post where it's not relevant, will see their posts deleted or accounts banned at the discretion of SFF.N staff. Basically, don't abuse the community!

It is important that vendors contact SFF.N such that they can be given a banner confirming their status as a representative of a particular brand. Please contact an admin (such as @PlayfulPhoenix or @confusis) to request a user banner displaying your company affiliation, which we use to ensure transparency and verify identities for users.

Affiliate Links
SFF.N automatically overwrites certain e-commerce links (such as Amazon and Newegg) across the forum to use a referral code. We do this to help enforce our ban on referral links, as well as to financially support the forum.

Building and running a website and community is time consuming and costly! If you enjoy SFF.N and want to support our work in exchange for some perks and benefits, consider some of the Supporter Subscriptions made available to the community.

User Banner Guide
User banners are intended to certify that important community members are who they say they are. To this end, SFF.N staff members have either an Editorial Staff or Moderator banner under their avatar, to indicate their role; these are red and blue. Meanwhile, users who have projects, businesses or similar roles may have verification banners; these are grey banners with checkmarks issued by SFF.N that are meant to reflect that a user has been confirmed to be who they claim by SFF.N staff. If you are interested in receiving a banner, please reach out to an admin to request one.
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