Happy holiday fellow Small Form Factor Enthusiasts! Overloaded on food today? Need something to chill out too? Then check out this absolutely awesome COOJ MQ5 build done by Relaxing SFF! True to the name, there is no loud music, screaming Linuses, or anything but the sweet sound of a perfectly cable managed SFF machine coming together in satisfying piece by piece glory.
Specs include a Z590i Unify motherboard, Intel 10600K CPU, and Power Color RX 5600XT GPU. Additionally, the RBG lighting can be controlled with the power switch so it can be easily turned on or off depending on the mood.
Let’s get Relaxing SFF some subscribers while we enjoy his ASMR worthy build, and check out the other videos they have posted.

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Dec 31, 2017
Very impressed, it looks like you are running Monterey and you were playing Russian Roulet with the Broadcom card as most of the newer boards with Intel AX210 are CNVI only and the BCM card will not boot in the existing slot even under Windows. Definitely Asus boards, maybe not all MSI... I am still waiting for my Z13 which is not expected in December which will be a full year of patience. I just finished a full ATX Z390 Rog build in a P-ATX v3 SFF Time case and I am running Ventura and Win 11. Modified a TPlink carrier to run the BCM card. The case had to be modified to fit the top of the Asus Rog IO shroud. 6600XT. Fenvi carrier was too tall to fit in case,
So I nixed that mod. Fenvi Fv102 Carrier card not compatable.

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