Image Credit - Relaxing SFF via Reddit​

Relaxing SFF (nnnndth on Reddit) is a relatively new channel on YouTube that already has produced a build that I would call quite inspiring. This ZS A4S is is subdued but detailed affair akin to the person who shows up in a classic three piece black suit. No garish RGB. No extreme cooling. Just a very clean build using off the shelf parts, skill, cablegami, and planning. I love it.

Specs include an Intel 10600K, RTX 3070, Ballistix Max RAM, Silverstone FX600 PSU, Black Ridge CPU cooler, and Noctua fans. The case supports four 2.5 drives and it looks like at least two are in use. My only concern is that the cooler is mounted in the one orientation that you don't want to mount a C style cooler in. However, Relaxing SFF tested thermals in both Prime95 and Cyberpunk with acceptable results. Thus is the life of SFF building.

Thanks to the exhaust fans, the GPU ran at 69C while gaming. Nice.

Check out Relaxing SFF's build video and YouTube channel by clicking the video below.