Need some help with deciding which radiator size to pick for my project.


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Feb 7, 2018
Hey guys,

I'm currently in the process of laying out hardware for my case design.

I've come to a point where I'm not sure which radiator to pick as this also affects the overall footprint of this m-ITX case design.

The loop itself is supposed to have a 1080 ti FE with EK waterblock and i7-8700k with an EK motherboard monoblock.

I'm not really going for 24/7 OC on these and I plan on undervolting CPU, delidding etc. to have low temps.

I can either pick an EK SE 240 rad which is 280 x 120 x 28mm (L x W x H)
OR an EK SE 280 rad which is 320 x 140 x 28mm (L x W x H)

So the footprint will be 280x120 or 320x140.

Of course I prefer the smaller footprint, but bigger rad will keep the loop cooler and 140 fans will get some more air going inside the case itself.

I've never did a small build, do you think 320x140 is big for m-ITX case? Are these ' 40x20mm ' extra worth the lower temps?

Or is the 280x120 mm neatly small and 240 rad will do just fine?

Considering I'm not really going to OC it I think 240 will be just fine but I'm not so sure..

So what you think guys?