SFF Network Ncore V1 prototype shows efficiently minimalistic mount

Discussion in 'News' started by Phuncz, Mar 7, 2018.

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    Over on HardOCP, Kyle Bennett has gotten his hands on a prototype waterblock from NUDEcnc, run by Arek Tobiszewski.

    Unlike most waterblocks this tiny block mounts only on delidded Intel socket 115x boards by basically replacing the heatspreader as a part of the design. This allows the waterblock to make a direct contact with the CPU die meaning a much more efficient cooling.


    It will be available for crowd funding on Kickstarter on April 1st.

    Read more here (hardocp.com)
  2. Nanook

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    Very efficient method to directly cool the die.I might get it to try on an older delidded 6700K.
    (I haven't watched the [H] video yet), but I am concerned about the stresses caused by the weight / tensions of the tubing to the chip/mounting/motherboard.
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  3. Elerek

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  4. Jonny727272

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    This looks insane...That being said, I don't see it giving a huge difference over an already de-lidded CPU.
  5. FoskcoRS5

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    Now that is an enthusiast product if I've ever seen one. Amazing.
  6. Mortis Angelus

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    Can someone please explain to me why this is so great apart just from it is cool that it is so small? Waterblock-size have never been the issue even for ITX, have it? The issue is how to make the fittings flat enough for small cases. What is the benefit of making the contact area so small?
  7. confusis

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    @Mortis Angelus The cool factor is that it replaces the IHS on Intel CPUs - so instead of de-lidding then re-lidding your CPU, this waterblock makes direct die contact on a de-lidded processor.
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  8. jmarin

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    That is sexy
  9. |||

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    I want to see a good thermal analysis of the performance of this...the finned surface area is quite small. They could conceivably make the finned area larger, as it doesn't necessarily need to be constrained to be directly over the die; copper has very good conductivity and will readily wick heat away across the whole block.
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  11. Josh | NFC

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    Excellent design and craftsmanship. The fins look great and that jet plate is very nice.

    My only comment is this block would really shine with more extreme cooling and I would want a delrin or copper top for that, not acrylic, but that’s a minor thing.

    I’ll buy one for sure when it hits Kickstarter if it isn’t an April fools :D
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  12. BirdofPrey

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    I've always wished someone would make a CPU with a waterblock integrated into the heatspreader.
    This is kinda similar given it replaces the heatspreader.

    That said, I am always wary of anybody who put a review embargo on a product until after it's available to pay for. Hopefully it's good, and there's nothing to worry about, though.
  13. Phuncz

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    At this point it seems that the fittings are next in line to receive once-over, considering the volume these occupy in relation to the block. Time for SFF tubing and fittings !
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  14. BirdofPrey

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    Not much room to make the fittings smaller without shrinking the pipes/tubes, though an alternative could be just bonding the pipes to the block
  15. GuilleAcoustic

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    Always loved how Enzotech used bonded pipe with their multiblock designs

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  16. psycho88

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    Well it's good the see smaller water block,
    anyway i cant find it on kickstarter website about this Ncore water block
  17. Phuncz

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    Watercooling for most SFF gear already doesn't need that big of tubing that most use, smaller tubes could benefit from smaller bends and having fittings made inside the G1/4 screw fittings instead of on top. Maybe it's not possible without a pump with more pressure, I'm no expert on the matter.

    Because it will be on Kickstarter starting April 1st, like in the article ;)
  18. Josh | NFC

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    I don't see how larger diameter tubing would offer better performance as it doesn't change your flow rate and all modern blocks use micro fins anyway.

    It is easy to test though, I'll say that much! :D
  19. |||

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    When calculating the performance of a contained fluid system, you look at the loss of pressure through it. It will be a function of the losses of a section by the length of that section compared with the performance of the pump. Larger diameter tubing will have slightly less pressure loss, so over the a given length of tubing in any sort of system, it will result in lower pressure loss.

    To think about what is happening inside the tube, there is a boundary layer of the fluid forming along the outside of the tube. The larger the diameter of tubing, the more of the flow through it is further away from the wall where the fluid is shearing against itself, moving out of the boundary layer if the tubing is large enough.

    So, even though there are points of high resistance in the system, the overall pressure loss throughout the entire system can still be changed in other parts of it. If you want to get into more of the technical details, you may want to start with Bernoulli's Principle.
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  20. Josh | NFC

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    I respect fluid dynamics as much as the next guy, but I'm speaking in context. I have serious doubts that moving from 1/4" tubing to 1/2" tubing given the context of computer liquid cooling causes a measurable temperature drop.

    I'm happy to test this; I have everything I need to do so--we should work together in coming up with a checklist of things to test for. I think it would make a great video. You in brother?
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