SFF Network Ncore V1 prototype shows efficiently minimalistic mount

Discussion in 'News' started by Phuncz, Mar 7, 2018.

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    This was tested a long time ago:

    So, you can see there are small differences at ~1 degC between 6mm ID and 13mm ID, but not too much.
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    I was going to include this an a few other posts from XS anyway, so it seems we are in agreement here? <3
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    Sure, I think we have similar views on this. Tube sizing is just one aspect in the system; there are plenty of other things that can have a measurably small impact, individually, but summed together could have a somewhat significant impact. When considering SFF systems, if fewer / smaller radiators could be used, that can significantly impact the overall size of the system.
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    Almost cool enough to make me want to watercool!
    If I had a bigger case I'd be sorely tempted.
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    I couldn't agree more.

    This guy confirmed your intuition back in 2007 with the very same test you are suggesting.
    He compared 5 tube sizes and did not notice any substantial temperature differences, all within 0,5 °. :


    I am also cooling two 1070 and a 6700K with 1/4 ID tubing and a DDC pump without any issue.
    Koolance for instance recommends 1/4 tubing up to 500W heat dissipation, which leaves quite some margin with current components.

    EDIT : did not see that the link has already been provided by @||| above.
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    Hi NUDEcnc here
    I would like to thank the forum for the warm welcoming of the design and novelty idea behind this project.

    The idea is to eliminate the distance between heat source which is die (not HIS) and water.
    And this distance with Ncore is over 20 times smaller den standard with HIS setup.
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    Hi @NUDEcnc welcome to our enthusiastic and passionate forum on small and efficient computer gear :)
    Your block struck me as the kind of efficient thinking we love and sometimes can share among our community, I'm sure you have more than a few fans right in this forum :)

    Be sure to give us an update here when the Kickstarter campaign launches !
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    Hi Everyone!

    My Kickstarter campaign for The Ncore is in now live!

    Check it out at


    I will very much appreciate your feedback and comment
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    Hi @NUDEcnc, just taken a look at your Kickstarter page - good luck with the fundraising.
    Great product, I'm sorry I have no use for one as I don't WC.
    I see you're local to me too, just to your West, the other side of the New Forest.
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    Oh wow very interesting:

    Is it metal ? This image makes it look like 3D printed plastic material.

    Some stuff in the campaign is a little rough on the edges (some typos) but it looks promising. The best of luck with your campaign !
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    Looks like a magenta anodized aluminium to me :)
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    The shine and the edges are abscent for the typical shine of anodized materials. Although on the animated image (though .gif so limited in color space) but still it reminds me much more of my LZ7's purple 3D printed corners (matte look) than the shine (completely abscent) of anodized aluminium.

    I did not find any reference to material the bracket is going to be made in, so it's more to answer a question some might have in the future.
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    Delidder is made from 6082 aluminium, fully machined from a plate and anodized

    Typos – whole campaign was written by me and my wife. As English is not our native language please be understanding. I promise to correct it ASAP.

    If anybody from the forum would offer help in that matter We would be very grateful.

    My goal was to achieve non- reflective finish. Personally, I believe that typical vivid colours of aluminium wouldn’t correlate with the rest of modern PC hardware.
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    Thanks for clearing that up ! I would recommend mentioning it on the Kickstarter as it is a positive property of the delidder/bracket.
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    Hi @NUDEcnc, I'd be happy to proof read any wording for you. I have been involved in technical stuff over the years, and making documentation read nicely in a particular language is a worthwhile job. I used to work on newsletters and press releases in my old job.
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    This idea is very very good and has a big potential to be successful. The retention kit that is a delliding tool in the same time is genius. Here is some input:

    1.) I think a more premium look like a combination of black and nickel plate would be better.
    2.) The quality of the Kickstarter campaign and the product itself doesn't match. It would be better to create a much shorter video that focus only on the waterblock and a better designed kickstarter page. Currently it looks like a 90th website. Sorry :(
    3.) Send samples to youtuber and review websites that focus on watercooling like hardwareluxx in Germany or Bit-Tech in UK.
    4.) Maybe instead of crafting this product on your own CNC contact some manufacturers that can make large batches in a very short time.

    If you advertise the product correct and give the marketing/presenting stuff a more premium feeling than you can sell a lot of it.

    So please don't rush and spend more time on it :)
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    Love the retention / delidder update. Good luck with the Kickstarter! I hope to be receiving the V1D later this year :)
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    1. The coating can be a risk factor in this project and gives no improvement in performance. I am sure you know many examples of peeling nickel plating :)
    2. I would like to politely disagree with you in that matter, Kickstarter page was designed by my wife and it is the most beautiful page I ever saw in my life :)
    3. I am definitely planning to send another, larger batch of the improved Ncores for further testing, before sending final product to customers. I will try to send one to both of them too.
    4. Based on my many year aerospace and CNC experience, the only way that I can fully guarantee a quality of the product is to make it by myself. So sending to subcontractors is not an option.

    Thank you
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