Image Credit - NCASE / Wahaha360

The original Meshlicious from SSUPD was a very successful and sought after design. Many people didn't realize that one half the original NCASE duo was responsible for creating it. Wahaha360 has posted to the Small Form Factor Network forum that he will be spearheading a redesign of the Meshlicious; this time made by Streacom. Why the switch? He hasn't said. However, Streacom is known for high quality fabrication including the BC1 test bench that we use for ATX board testing.

So what are the changes for the new Meshlicious? All we know right now is that there will be "less mesh and more delicious". I can see some alterations to the mesh amount, however, I can't comment on the actual taste of the case. I may have to add a taste test to our testing methodology at some point though. /s

Image Credit - Wahaha360

Jump into the Meshlicious redesign thread on our concept forum, and give your two cents and suggestions to Wahaha360.

Personally, I would like a very large top exhaust fan. 180mm or bigger.

In the meantime, check out the build guide for the original Meshlicious posted by Performance Computer.

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Image Credit - Performance Computer


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Apr 21, 2017
Gotta have the biggest e-PeePee 😂

But seriously, I always wonder this too. I'm running a 600w Gold PSU Corsair and I do fine.

I killed a 600 watt Corsair SFX. It went boom.


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May 9, 2015
Overhead to keep the fan from spinning up. That's why I do it most of the time.
That should be possible with that PSU, unless maybe an RTX 3090 (Ti) and top-end or OC'ed CPU. But at that point those components will need serious cooling as well.