Image Credit – NCASE
This is what I get for taking a vacation! I missed Wahaha360 posting up three pics of the new M1 EVO. It’s been a long road for these pictures to appear, and I’m pleased to see that the new M1 hasn’t lost the design language of the original. Wahaha360 is promising that it will be smaller, have better compatibility, and be built with higher build quality.
Based on the photos, it appears the new M1 EVO will come with two USB Type A and two USB Type C ports on the front in a wonderfully symmetrical layout. The width of the case appears slight smaller than the original M1, and no case feet have been shown. Ventilation holes appear wider than the original, and take up more of the top panel. The side mount radiator appears to be retained, and it supports at least 3-slot GPUs. The prototype also appears to be...

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Minimal Tinkerer
New User
Jun 15, 2019
Ncase front looks awful. They should just make a Formd T1 but bigger for the 4000 series.


Minimal Tinkerer
New User
May 19, 2020
love to hear NCase came back again. But since this mean "EVO" I hope we can get more concept design >_< anyway, welcome back.