Image Credit – KitGuruTech
James Dawson of KitGuruTech, seen above making an expression that only people who professionally benchmark computer parts can understand, has put together a comprehensive look at eight CPU air coolers on AMD Ryzen. The coolers include:

Endorfy Fera 5 Black
Arctic Freezer 36 ARGB White
Coolermaster Hyper 212 Halo White
Coolermaster Hyper 622 Halo
be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 5
be quiet! Dark Rock Elite
Corsair A115
Deepcool Assasin 4S

In the 42 minute and 30 second video, James goes into depth on the design, mounting, build quality, noise, and performance of each cooler. Included in the test results are some of KitGuruTech’s previously tested coolers such as...

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