Hi Guys,

I'm Koffieleutje24 and I've been looking into SFF build for the last few weeks I think. I just stumbled upon this forum and wanted to post something in the Builds subforums to get some advice on a build plan i'm working on. But more of that later.

Some stuff about me: I'm 22 years old and live in the Netherlands. I'm currently doing a master in chemical engineering and I've been a PC gamer/hardware enthusiast since i was like 11 years old. I built my first PC when I was 12 which I still own (The only parts that are still original tho are the case and CD drives etc, the rest has been upgraded through the years) I also built some pc's for relatives on order so I would call myself at least a novice PC builder (Think i built around 5 systems in total).

My current PC, in its original Coolermaster HAF mid tower (I liked it when i was 12) contains:
- i5 9600k
- 16 gb ddr4 corsair vengeance memory
- MSI Z390 gaming plus motherboard (or something like that)
- Coolermaster masterliquid 240 mm AIO
- GTX 970 (which i recently bought from my roommate because my R9 390 died)
- Samsung 970 evo m.2

So, that's my current pc. And like i said my grpahics card recently died which also sparked the interest in an SFF build. I been growing more and more toward small but very powerfull pc's over the years, so I figured buying a new GPU was the perfect oppertunity to transfer whatever I could to an sff case. I'll get more into detail about that in my next topic though.

So that's a little about myself, thanks for reading and bye bye.
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