How to fix mechanical keyboard? (Omron B3K switches)


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Jan 14, 2020
Recently I've bought a used Creative mouse-keyboard set
Now the keyboard turns to be laggy, although advertised as good condition: quite a few switches missclick and chatter. I decided to start with cleaning the switches: removed keycaps, dipped a few drops of isopropyl alcohol into every switch and quickly pressed it a few dozens of times. This helps, but only temporary: I normally make it in the night, the next morning keyboard works fine, but after lunch chattering returns - and I don't type very much, just chatting with colleagues and a little bit of coding or writing technical documents. Some switches have already gone through 3-4 cycles of cleaning.

I don't know exactly the story of this keyboard. I know that the previous owner smokes, the keyboard also seems to be oiled with silicon oil - is it cigarette ash plus oil composition that covers the contact pads of switches? Is it cleanable?