Hi need SFF for camper


What's an ITX?
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Oct 7, 2017
Hello, want one of these small cases to mount in camper, ive never built a comp. I did buy one off an hired hand last year who needed cash . Just never use, iam in the desktop can never replace a laptop crowd. Just that laptops can take a beating on long outings. Read up a bit here, so here is the items i have that i believe you will need to help me out.
16g ram
Samsung ssd
Wd raptor hd
Got blue ray dvd also but dont see room for it ?, did see the sell usb drive dvd. movies is a must
All bought new 1 and half years ago
Got perfectly nice cubby hole to mount, vented to outside. Moved waterheater to old generator location. As to run gens away from camper. Can do12v fan for cooling, if needed
Would also like better option than running off shelf pwerconverter, seems like i buy a new one every year to run laptop off batt pwr, got 4 big cat batteries, camper wireing is weak, so all power comes straight from gens or batteries
Now need help with the rest. No need for top of line just Looking for best bang for my buck deal.
Lilttle doubt i left something out you will need from me. Thx cj