I have been lurking in the forum for while so I guess it's time to introduce myself!

I'm Finnish computer science student currently living in Netherlands. I built my first SFF PC eight months ago and after that I have become more and more interested in SFF world. I like functional and innovative builds which server their use case well. As poor student I also like "ghetto mods" and budget solutions.

My current rig is air cooled SG13. I wanted bit more OC potential so I remounted PSU in front of the case to accommodate full tower CPU cooler. Specs are following:
CPU: i5-6600K
CPU cooler: Cryorig H7
GPU: ASUS GTX 1060 (Direct CU II version which was released only for Asian market afaik)
Motherboard: Asus z170i Pro Gaming
PSU: Corsair SF450
Drives: 128GB Samsung SM961 M.2 and 525GB Crucial MX300 SSD
Case: SG13

Potato level picture: http://i.imgur.com/ZdhNtxV.jpg

In the future when I get back to Finland and have access to tools again you should see finalized version of my SG13 with better planning on airflow. I'm also planning to take my first try on building my own case from the scratch!
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May 9, 2015
Hi and welcome ! There's certainly not much "ghetto" about that build ! Quality products all around !