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Greetings and salutations small form factor folks.


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May 21, 2020
I'm in my mid 40's, fortunate enough to grow up with a Commodore 64, after an Atari 2600 of course. My father was an accountant, so anything 'computing' was of interest to him, which he passed onto me. I remember as a kid visiting his work and seeing my first computer. If it was that. It used long, different colored heavy stock paper rectangles that got all these holes punched in them. Unfortunately, at that age, I was more interested in the ' multi-colored confetti that filled the outbox. But that's where my love for hardware began. I had lots of fun with the C64 and all the different peripherals that could be added. My favorite memory from the C64 was learning how a hole punch could double a single sided double density disk (I think it ended with a 'k' back then lol). I got a cheap laptop in the late 80's, sporting an 8088 and win 3.11(my only stable experience with win 😁). And Wordperfect forever stunted my spelling abilities, even regressing them. I'm easy to spot in real-time irc! In my early 90's I got a 3k Gateway 486 DX50 with 200 MB HD. Spent a lot of time deleting. Fast forward to today, skipping the modem wars, internet by-the-hour, many new towers, and good and awful versions of windows (looking ar you, everything after XP). While I'm whizzing, a FU shout out to Packard Bell and their intergraded components. :p anyway, I did study for my MCSE and CNA in mid 90's but never certified. It's all obsolete anyway. My last 7 years have been almost exclusively on tablets. Sorry, this was supposed to be an introduction and a sneaky segway into some technical advice. Still is *grin*, just with some colorful history. If you made it this far, I applaud your endurance. If you have any left and any technical expertise to offer, I have a few concerns about upgrading a HP SSF recently and would appreciate any advice. It can be found Here on this site. Thanks for reading and any comments.