FormD T1 - 9.5L with UNLIMITED space!! - 3950X+64GB Ram+2GPUs - TITAN V FULL watercooled+TITAN RTX!! Fill the void 2.0


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Apr 6, 2016
And again, here we are!!

After 1 year and a half from my 2nd build (BTW, CHECK IT HERE if you didn't)
I've moved part of it with new addition in a smaller case:

THE FormD T1 !! This case is a small CNCed Aluminum jewel! I am so happy to got the possibility to be in the test shipping phase!

And for this I have to thanks the creator @Wahaha360 for all the incredible work he did in the last year to produce the T1!

It was a long journey to arrive at the "final build" so let's start from the beginning, shall we?

Here the full specs!! (UPDATED!!)

AMD Ryzen 3950X
Gigabyte Aorus X570 ITX
Corsair 2x32Gb 3600MHz C18-20-20-40
Nvidia Titan V (Watercooled)
EK-FC GPU Terminal Rotary 90
Nvidia Titan RTX
Samsung 970 Evo Plus 500GB (OS)
Samsung 970 Evo 2TB
Corsair SF750 PSU
Noctua F12 Chromax
Noctua A12x15 Chromax
Noctua NA-FC1 Fan PMW controller

C_Payne Bifurcation Riser x8/x8 1-Slot + 3D printed brackets 90 degrees Riser R33SL 25cm

Pslate DAN A4/GHOST S1 custom cables+my own custom cables

Alphacool Eisstation DC-LT 40 Reservoir + DC-LT 2600 Pump
Alphacool 1U ES DDC Reservoir Combo
EKWB Magnitude Acetal+Nickel CPU Block
EKWB SE240 Classic Radiator
EKWB Titan V GPU Block+Backplate
EKWB 90 degrees Torque fittings

Barrows Offset Fittings x2
EK-AF Angled 2x45 Fitting
Bitspower various extender
Alphacool TPV Metal fittings
+2 TPV 90 degrees fittings for the GPU
Alphacool TPV tubing 12,7/7,6


Of course, sad story of every SFF builder, the case is the last piece to arrive! But this was good to start to put together and test different configurations and parts.
But most important, to check the clearance between the different options that I will have.

The first idea for the waterloop was to use one of the two compact solution available in the market: the Swiftech Apogee Drive IIor the Alphacool Eisbaer LT Solo.

The first one use a more powerful and wide knowned DDC Pump (You can choose from different models, MX 310, 18W PMW)
The second one use a proprietary pump, the DC-LT, less powerful, but how you will see, is more than enough to run a single radiator of 240mm, ! CPU block and 1 GPU block!

(BTW: if you motherboard's fan header is powerful enough, you can rewire the DDC pump to have only one cable! In general the MX310, or the EKWB MX have a wattage of 10W and 6W, so almost every ITX board fan header can provide 1A, so should be completely fine. For the more powerful version, the 18W, you have to check IF there is any fan header that can supply 2A.)

Here just the rewired DDC with an heatsink mounted in the Apogee Drive II

So, the system on the motherboard has started to be tested!

I've wanted to go with a full Alphacool loop as you can see, but I was worried that the backplate for the Titan V that Alphacool provide was too thick to fit nicely in the case (I was right BTW).

But more I was watching the @optimumtech video, and at the builds that people where showing day by day on the main thread, more I was thinking that I could fit between the GPU and the front panel a pump, to have the possibilities to have a complete loop, choosing my favourite CPU block as well.

Looking day and night to which could be the possible solutions, I've ended to restrict the choice between to options just released by Alphacool:
The 1U DDC Reservoir and the Eisstation 40-DC-LT

Then, I've moved instead to an EKWB based system, and I was satisfied by the temporary look!

After a few days, I was still convinced by heart that a DDC could fit in it!

Keeping an eye also at the general look and to my curiosity, I've tried also a CPU block that from their website seems to "lower the temp of 7 degrees!!! Especially on Ryzen 3!!": the Optimus Foundation Block.
Well, it is a nice block, amazing mirror finishing of the baseplate, but seriously, nothing special. Zero difference from the EKWB Velocity, and just a weird mounting system without backplate and without spring, that caused the motherboard to bend crazily! Not anymore, sorry.

So, understanding for the COVID-19 serious situation but so impatient to have my build done, in a moment of impulsivity I've bought from a local reseller a Louqe Ghost, and put all the part in it, as I was imagining could work as well in the T1!

Pretty nice, isn't it?
You can see that at the end I went for a just released EKWB Magnitude CPU block. Seriously, the quality is way higher that the previous Velocity, and IMO even bette than the Optimus!
Is also a very low profile and low restrictive block, so even in the 3 Slots configuration it will fit withtall 90 Degrees fittings like my EKWB Torque!
BE CAREFUL, though. Because is an optimized block for the new Ryzen CPU,it is not possible this time to rotate it in a goofy (90 degrees) position!

But of course, just one one after I've finished this, HERE THE LOCAL POST UPDATE!!! The T1 is at the custom to be cleared. And 2 days later, here the baby!

And finally I can start to test the different components I thought could fit!

I know, the only official supported 240 rad is the one bundled with the Eisbaer Alphacool LT 240, but why not to try!
AND, IT FITS! The 27mm EKWB SE240 Classic, just fit with 2slim Noctua Chromax A12x15 fans! Do have as much clearance I could have, I didn't apply the included Noctua small rubber pad.
Every mm count in this case!
To mount properly the 240mm rad, one pair of "short" bracket are provided to screw only one fan. The other fan have to be put directly on the radiator, having them for one half cantilevering, but 100% solid, so, don't worry!

Because of that, also the cable length matter. Having the T1 the same layout of the DAN A4 and the Ghost S1, the cables from @pslate were working perfectly!
Only in the 2 slots GPU configuration, because the motherboard is a little far away from the PSU than in the other cases, the CPU EPS cable was 2 cm to short, but having all the necessaryat home, was super easy to do my custom one!

STILL, I was trying to fit the DDC :D (MAYBE it could work, but I think I have to file a bit the side of the 1U DDC Reservoir...)

Time to put all together!

I've chosen the tiny but powerful DC-LT pump, together with the Eisstation 40 DC-LT. It is a safe choice size-wise compared to the DDC one. I've tested it inside the Ghost, and it has given to me only positive results!

A bit more of detailed pictures to see how the tubing are routed in every tight space and the radiator in place!

There is also space for T fittings for an easier drain!

And FINALLY, here you are!

The PART 1 of my build log inside the T1 is complete!!

In the next days I will update the thread with the PART 2, where you can see how 2 GPUs can fit inside this wonderful case!!

And of course stress test, noise and temperatures!!

Thanks again to @Wahaha360 for the incredible job he has done, and for the continuous support he always give!

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Jan 26, 2020
I think many of us would like to thank you for showing the possibilities this case provides. You truly did an amazing job at putting your system together, I could have never expected to be able to fit 2 GPU's and a reaaally powerful cpu with an custom loop in such a small case. Chapeau!


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Mar 25, 2020
I strongly agree with the sentiment expressed by earlier posters! What you have achieved in such a small case is more than a professional source of pride, but an artist's Masterpiece. I feel that I could not do as well if I had years to work on this case....But once it goes on sale, I intend to try. Thank you for your postings.


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Jan 6, 2019
How did you route the PSU extension cable? I found a way that kinda works but I'm interested to see how you did it. TBH, I kinda used your build as a way to make my build lmao


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Jul 7, 2017
I have seen most of this in the T1 thread and it is incredible. I absolutely love that little pump you found, just perfect for SFF.
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Jan 12, 2020
Wow.. Just Perfect, Some Specs different RAM and SSD.. this is will be my guide built.. <3


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Apr 6, 2016
Do you have anything to compare that Magnitude CPU block to? Costs the same as my CPU :S
Sure! The Velocity is 1/3rd of the price and does the same job, maybe 1 degree warmer?
Or the Watercool Heatkiller IV is and amazing block, one of best!! ??


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Sep 18, 2018
Just curious why you went for that block then? It does look very nice and I like the fact it is designed for the AM4 CPU layout, but if it performs the same as others that cost less... (also it will be hidden behind mesh, unless you are going for the tempered glass in future?)

Saying that, I'm also guilty of buying things just because they are new :D


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Apr 6, 2016
Just curious why you went for that block then? It does look very nice and I like the fact it is designed for the AM4 CPU layout, but if it performs the same as others that cost less... (also it will be hidden behind mesh, unless you are going for the tempered glass in future?)

Saying that, I'm also guilty of buying things just because they are new :D
In general, because I was curious!

I had quite a few CPU blocks in 2 years, and I was wondering how the new ones were performing.
At first, my idea was to go for this Optimus Foundation Block, a bit cheaper than the magnitude, but sold by the company as the Holy Grail of the CPU blocks.
The quality of material are amazing, but that's it.

And the Magnitude has the same quality, even better IMO. I am not crazy, even when you screw the mounting bracket, the sound of the screw of Lauminum against Aluminum is incredible, reflect the quality of it. I also think that it's the reason why this time this block is so expensive apart the engineering work behind.

So, at the end, the short answer is: because it is supper efficient, and really beautiful!

At the end are we not paying 230 Euro for a case of CNCed aluminum, when other of 100 Euro could do the same job? :D
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Apr 3, 2020
Hello there! Can I translate your tutorial and post it on a Chinese website? I will indicate the source.


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Feb 2, 2018
Congratulations! Excellent build!

If you have some time, I’d be grateful if you can share details on how the rewiring if the Apogee Drive can be don, so that it has only a 4 pin plug instead of the stock 4pin and molex. I’m using it in my build and if I can retire it like that it would be great (my motherboard has a 3A header which should be more than enough to power it and control it).