Fit-in-backpack case reccomendation

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    Hey guys! It's my first time diving into the world of small pcs but due to some flying around I'll have to make my pc as small as possible with some limitations.

    These are my current requirements:
    -Mobo size is not a problem, have to buy a new one anyway for a cpu change
    -Need support for full GPUs (need them for work and, well, gaming)
    -Support for ATX power supply
    -As many drive bays as possible
    -Absolutely no need for an optical drive slot
    -Max size ~ 40x20x25cm

    I tried looking around a bit on the web but I couldn't find anything that would fit all my requirements, I admit they are a bit "exotic" XD

    Do you guys have any suggestions? Thanks!
  2. Kandirma

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    In general, pick 2, especially if by 'drive bays' you mean 3.5" - 2.5" may be more reasonable as long as you don't expect them to be external.
    Also, 40x20x25 is massive for a backpack, no?

    That said, from what you're asking I'd look at the Ncase M1, or Sharkoon QBOne on the smaller side. On the larger side of your limit the Fractal Core 500 squeaks in right around there maybe 3mm too big on one side.
  3. Bonfi96

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    Thanks for the help!
    Yep, the dimensions are a bit big, but it would be meant for a big backpack I use for travelling
    Sadly the ncase allows either a full gpu or an atx power supply, but the other two solutions look really promising
  4. Reldey

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    Why ATX? Why not SFX? ATX has little to no benefit over SFX these days, unless you already have an ATX and just want to reuse it?
  5. Bonfi96

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    Yeah, have one good atx power supply already, trying to mitigate costs
  6. Kandirma

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    What are you defining as a 'full GPU'? The Ncase supports both full length and width GPUs (though, some extra-tall cards may be an issue) It also supports ATX psus with the included bracket....granted, you can't use 2x 3.5" drives if you have an ATX psu. You may also have to move the GPU down a slot with an ATX psu...
  7. Bonfi96

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    I have a radeon HD 7950 OC, it's 270 mm but I wouldn't mind more space for future upgrades.
    I need the 3.5 drives spaces so that's a bit of a problem.

    At the moment the QB one seems the best, though I'm worried about my modular PSU not being supported as stated around the web.
    It's a cx600m and it's 150mm x 86mm x 140mm so it should fit the 14,5 cm limit. It also has a low price and that's a plus
  8. Vlad502

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    CEMO A4:
  9. Bonfi96

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    Looks great, though it looks not well ventilated on the sides
  10. dfrgu

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    If you don't mind the case to be very cheap, I would recommend Silverstone SG13. Only 10.5L with Reference-length GPU, 120mm AIO and ATX power support. But your drive bay would be limited to 1x2.5 if you want to use atx psu. An AIO is strongly recommended because the space for the cpu cooler is extremely limited if you are using an atx psu. I love the design of the case but the build quality of it is merely ok. Can't ask for too much, it's a cheap case anyway.
  11. Bonfi96

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    Sadly I realized I need at least 2 or 3 2.5 drives, though it seems like a good cheap alternative in case I'll have to buy a new psu for some reason