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Image Credit - Dondan​

Lian Li has partnered with the legendary Dan to produce his latest creation: the A4-H20. Designed as an AIO friendly version of the original A4-SFX, the case has grown into a potentially sweet spot of SFF designs. It has support for a 240mm AIO, slot GPU, and has been designed with the input of the SFF users of Small Form Factor Network. In fact, you can visit the original thread and follow the progress.

Click here for the SFF Network Thread.

It's through this thread, on page 13, that Dan gave SFF users some exciting news:

"Review samples are shipped out to Linus, Optimum, Hardwarecanucks, Dave2d and Bitwit.
Later we will send out more samples to smaller channels and text based tech review sites." - Dondan

While as a writer and reviewer I'm envious of those lucky and successful enough to get sampled in the first batch, as an SFF enthusiasts I'm absolutely stoked to see what these tech channels will do with the case.

The current release date for the A4-H20 is expected to be January of 2022, with an estimated price of approximately $155 for a case with a PCI-E Gen4 cable.