Image Credit - Optimum Tech​

Optimum Tech, seen above about to give your ego the back of his hand, has crafted yet another custom water cooled SFF project. This time, it's in the Dan A4-H20 case. Loaded with EKWB water cooling components, the system features a 12700K and RTX 3070Ti. As usual, it's a great video and good inspiration for your next system. Check out the video below.

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Tweezer Squeezer
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Nov 24, 2017
Running all that on a single 240mm probably the most he could hope for, thermally. Ampere is stupid power hungry, and Lovelace is probably going to be worse.
yeah i just feel like calling something"endgame" sets the viewer up for a bit more than what they get. i hope he does some nice dual radiator sff builds with the next-gen hardware. cooler master would be wise to sample him their upcoming sfx units.