Image Credit – Craft Computing
Console conversions are nothing new, but sleeper console conversions using dedicated GPUs are true unicorns. Craft Computing, seen above describing his hot glue, has taken up an awesome but extremely difficult SFF modding challenge by turning an Xbox One S case into a fully functional SFF PC; complete with a GPU.
Console cases are designed for a very specific piece of a custom hardware with much lower power requirements than an average PC. For the Xbox One S, that hardware was basically an APU consisting of 8 tablet CPU cores and a slow GPU by 2013 standards. However, through the power of 3D printing, blood, sweat, and hot glue, Craft Computing...

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Airflow Optimizer
Dec 31, 2017
This guy at No Craft Computer is an amateur. The USB 3.0 is the major clue. I like the NFC-style music, but this guy does not even come close to NFC quality or design ideas. It gave me much laughter watching his mistakes that he was somewhat proud of.
Please TRY and make it somewhat better.