Power Supply Corsair SF-series Platinum recall topic


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Jun 11, 2020
Hmmm...I do not know the serial number is used to identify. Actually, I think the first 8 numbers of the serial number is the lot code itself. So, if the lot code falls in that range (194448xx to 201148xx), yours is affected.
If I were you, I would submit a ticket here:-

It is good to double check with someone from Corsair headquarter.

I did - PSU is fine, this is the information I received two times from Corsair. When I was asking why it seems like the LOT number is one of the affected ones related to the threads you can find online they told me it's not true.
Quote Corsair service staff: "The serial number is the important number. LOT number is not meaningful in this case. The information you received about the LOT number is wrong"

Ok, calm down Corsair :D
Everything seems to be fine with my PSU. Case closed :)


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Aug 4, 2020
Hello! I have an SF600 Platinum and it's been fine on my new PC for a month.

Today, when it was turned off, but plugged in, as I was passing by the desk, I saw a spark on my GPU (glass side panel case) and a pop sound. Then when I came close to it I smell a slight burning scent. Now it won't turn on. And when I use a different power cord to try to turn the PSU on, I hear a faint click and it blows the fuse of my power cords. Now I'm out of powercords and I can't test my other components.

I just issued a ticket with Corsair. No reply yet.

I hope it REALLY didn't damage any of my other parts! The whole thing is brand new!
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Jan 22, 2020
I had my SF600 replaced under the exchange program. I received a brand new unit. I'm located in denmark. The unit was shipped to and from the Netherlands.
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