Corsair SF 80+ Platinum Fan Mod/Swap


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Jul 7, 2021
Maybe. My 5600G + RX6600XT pull around that but only if I'm trying to max them both out.
It definitely shouldn't be getting that hot. I've never noticed the PSU enclosure even being warm, let alone HOT
Correction, I just checked and it will pull more than that. But I stand by my second line :p


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Aug 23, 2023
want to share my experience about, i got my original corsair fan broke while cleaning so i've been forced to switch it

My PSU is a Corsair SF450 Platinum, and nothing, these pictures are worth more than words

aaand it spins 😎

I will share my experience of replacing the fan in this power supply. Initially, I did everything as in this post and nothing happened, the fan did not spin either under load or when turned on. I later stumbled upon this comment and noticed that the Noctua green is connected to the yellow Corsair, and the Noctua yellow to the Corsair green, black to black, blue to blue. I swapped yellow with green and after that everything worked as it should. The fan rotates at startup and under load.

Originally: 1 2 3 4
Re-pinned (from post, not work for me): 2 4 1 3
Re-pinned (swaped green with yellow, work for me): 3 4 1 2


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Dec 19, 2020
Nice, i like this. Reminds me of the soldering job when i replaced the fans on the Dual 3070 from Asus. Weird layout...

But, was the replacement worth it, for you?


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Feb 7, 2024
I don't get what can be loud about the Corsair SF1000L besides the fan. So a fan swap could make it as quiet as the SF750, right? Has anyone succeeded with the SF1000L yet? Thx