Chimera Industries - Cerberus - Build M109A6 v1

Discussion in 'Build Logs' started by FoskcoRS5, Mar 19, 2017.

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    I received one of the pre-production Cerberus units and am incredibly excited to see gorgeous entry into the mATX space. One that I feel has definitely been neglected.

    Currently in the process of closing on a house in Washington so fund are a little tight right now.

    I've put a couple parts lists together; one for what I am going to stuff into the machine with parts I already have lying around and another with what I plan to stuff into the box over the next couple months.

    Took the machine to work to take some glam shots since I work on Sunday and no one is in the office. I am not a photographer so please excuse the poor quality photos.

    Current parts list:

    Future parts list:

    For the CPU cooler I plan on putting an EK monoblock in the system and two slim 240 rads if I can get them to fit with low pro fans.

    I'll keep the thread updated when I gets parts and such. I've reached out to a couple hydro dipping companies in the Pacific Northwest to see if I can get the side, front and tops panels coated.
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  2. LocoMoto

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    Mmmmm... M109A6.
    Wouldn't dispute that the system is gonna have a good RANGE of performance.. in a MOBILE package. Suitable name!
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    Nice to see one of the first builds ! If you don't need the fan bracket, you can remove it by lifting it out of the hinges, should you have missed it.
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    Wait, are you going to cool the CPU with two 240 rads and leave the GPUs on air? If so, why?
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    I'm certainly going to slap some EK WB on those GPUs.

    Similar to the 1080 in my workstation.
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    Very nice!

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but, when fitted with two 240mm rads, it doesn't look like there's any space for fittings and tubes for the bottom rad?
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    You may very well be correct. The rad is 25mm, a slim fan is 12mm. EK 90 degree fittings are 19mm. Its going to be tight. I am not too optimistic that it will all fit, but if it doesn't I'll end up with extra parts. I'm certainly open to suggestions on low profile parts.
  8. wywywywy

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    What about using a 120mm rad instead at the bottom? (Just throwing out ideas)
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    That's plenty ! o_O
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    Yeah, manufacturing tolerances are probably a good deal less than that :) but thankfully, there is a little give in the fittings to compensate if the tolerances are in the wrong direction.
  12. FoskcoRS5

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    Those Nemesis rads are pretty sick. I'll definitely need to look into them.

    I heard back from a hydro dipping company to get the case and painted. A little pricy but I should be able to budget for it rather quickly. In the mean time I threw some parts into the chassis to get a feel for it.


    The chassis just looks gorgeous with the dual GPUs.


    My Maximus VII Gene wasn't posting due do a bad memory slot so I'll try to RMA it even though it's such an old board.

    An AIO would definitely suite the case for cooling the CPU and mounting to the front as intake with an ATX PSU supremely.

    I plan on looking into the Silverstein ATX to SFX PSU bracket so I can make some room there cause it's tight.
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  13. MarcParis

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    Thanks sharing your experience!
    Personnally, even in Cerberus-x, i'm not planning to make a full watercooling (gpu+cpu) as it will be a nightmare for any maintenance...:)

    Good luck with your build!
  14. MarcParis

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    @FoskcoRS5 i just realized that you want to buy sli gtx 1070, but why not buy a customed gtx 1080ti instead? Sli of gtx 1070 is worth if you already owned one of them, no?
  15. FoskcoRS5

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    I do already have a EVGA GTX 1070 FE in the ASUS G20. I figured the SLI 1070's would work just fine for the PG279Q that I play on. I may however try to sell the G20 with the 1070 at work or on Buy/Sell/Trade.

    I agree with your previous post that a custom loop would be a nightmare. The ultra enthusiast in me wants to see how the Cerberus handles all of the goods. I may just opt for a AIO liquid cooler though. Much more cost effective.
  16. MarcParis

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    Ah ok..i guess we are in the same situation...:) owning already a gtx 1070 and wondering what to do...go for sli 1070 or find a way to 1080 ti...:)
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    Looking good but i have a couple of questions?
    1-How much extra slack was in the h100 hoses ?
    2- was it a pain dealing with them and the atx psu in your build?
  18. FoskcoRS5

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    Sent my matx motherboard in for RMA so it'll be a bit before I get it back. If I find time this weekend I can install a mini itx motherboard and provide an update.
  19. MarcParis

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    Damn..not good news..:(
  20. Hermit2001

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    If you have an EK rad, disassemble the spacers and shroud. Then you can drill out the holes and access the rad ports directly (assuming that you use an EK rotating 90, drill out to 20mm). Shaves about 5mm from the height of the swivelling elbow. Hint: use a sheet metal stepper drill (looks like a Christmas tree ).