News [Case Release] Jonsbo VR2 R [mATX 36.2L]

VR2 is the first MATX case designed by Jonsbo team in which display card is installed vertically, relative to vertical structured VR1, the purpose of designing VR2 is different. The purpose of designing VR1 is to reduce the space occupation of desktop, however byabsorbing the same vertical air passage design as VR1 the purpose of VR2 is to optimize the air passage and hardware support of MATX case. Traditional radiator/fan installation placement with holes on top or front always destroys the aesthetic feeling of the industrial design, and it cannot fulfill the natural principle of heat going up too. With vertical air passage structure, VR2 can achieve positive differential pressure and thenatural principle of heat going up, and so it can speed up the internal heat dissipation by passing through the top. VR2 continues to use entry lux materials and exquisite craftsmanship as VR1. With double-sided highlights cutting for the edges of both sides of the top and bottom plates, VR2 has the feeling of glamorous and noble elegant. The whole body is made from 3mm aluminum magnesium alloy material, and both transparent side panels are made from 5mm tempered glasses. With the concept of using entry lux materials, the overall strength of VR2 is solid and reliable, it can protect your beloved hardware from deformation and the interference of resonance for a long time.


What do you think of Jonsbo's new design? A bit large in my mind, but a nice and clean case nonetheless with a very nice tempered glass side panel in a vertical orientation.


Lord of the Boards
SFFn Staff
May 9, 2015
Very reminiscent of their other cases on the outside but interesting on the inside. Though the dual compartment is nice for hiding ugly stuff, it's sad panda for SFF minded people. I like it, but it needs to shed about 12L pronto.