B550 motherboards chipset temperatures


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Mar 4, 2021

I would be grateful if forum members who have a B550 motherboard in their NCASE M1 could share the chipset temperatures on their motherboard, especially those with an ASUS board. Ideally in pair with temperatures from the front NVMe M.2 drive if present.

My story:

Recently I've changed my system inside NCASE M1 6.1 from Intel to AMD. I've got the ASUS Strix B550-I motherboard mainly because of forum/reddit posts saying that X570 boards have high operating temps...
The chipset on my mainboard is placed near the M.2 port at the front, the SSD is mounted directly above the chipset. As you can see from the attached screenshot the chipset temperature is quite high (~70C idle and ~80C at load – the only mobo fan is over the VRM section, near the IO ports). I assume it adds to the NVMe heat, therefore my 970 EVO at idle runs 54/63C and when I start the Samsung Magician benchmark it attains 82/117C (sic!)...
Cranking up all the fans to the max (2x from GPU, 2x from the AIO and one rear exhaust) cools it to 42/48C at idle and at full load (SM benchmark) to 68/80C, however, then my PC turns essentially into a blow dryer.
Is it normal?

Chipset starting temperature (via BIOS): 42C
After 10 minutes in BIOS: 70C

System spec:

ASUS Strix B550-I
Ryzen 5950X
64GB DDR4 3600 Mhz
Kraken X53 240mm
RTX 3070
2x Samsung 970 EVO
2x Samsung 860 EVO
+1 rear exhaust NF-A9x14 PWM slim fan



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Jan 25, 2018
I do not have a B550 board and so I am just speculating from your description.

If simply cranking up all fans can lower the temp that much, then it is likely a case ventilation issue, rather than an issue with a hot chipset.
So, the only case fan is the rear A9x14? That fan does not move much air and warmed air might be trapped inside or having a hard time to escape by positive pressure.
And, I suppose, the side 240 AIO is set up with its 2 fans blowing into the case, thus the warmed air is blowing toward the motherboard?
And, which model is the 3070?


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Mar 4, 2021
Thanks for the input. Poor airflow is a possibility, over the weekend I'm planning to test the system further in an open air environment so I will see if it's really the case.
Yes, the air from the AIO blows onto the mainboard, however it's relatively cool as I'm stressing only the SSD during the test, so the CPU isn't generating much heat. I will also try to disassemble the mainboard heatsinks and riser board (NVMe front drive is mounted on it – you can see it on this video: ) to check the thermal compound on the chipset, maybe that's the culprit.

Exact graphics card model: Gigabyte RTX 3070 GAMING OC

In a last ditch effort I'm thinking about adding two bottom Noctua NF-A12x15 PWM fans under the GPU that will be always ON, replacing the stock AIO fans with the NF-F12 PWM ones, replacing the thermal pad on the chipset with the Thermal Grizzly Minus Pad 8 (8 W/mK; unfortunately Fujipoly Ultra Extreme (17 W/mK) is almost impossible to buy in Europe), adding the Thermal Grizzly M.2 SSD heatsink on the back and the ICY BOX IB-M2HSF-702 monstrosity on the front NVMe drive...
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Jun 30, 2020
[...] adding the Thermal Grizzly M.2 SSD heatsink on the back and the ICY BOX IB-M2HSF-702 monstrosity on the front NVMe drive...

The Thermal Grizzly website states about the M.2 SSD heatsink: "Note that the Thermal Grizzly M.2 SSD Cooler is only compatible with one-sided, 22-millimeter-long M.2 NVMe SSDs that are 80 millimeters long, and that M.2 (NGFF) connectors with a height of 4.2 millimeters must be used." - I might be wrong about this, but i don't think the m.2 slot on the backside of any itx-mainboard is within the height recommendation.

On Topic:

  • Only a 88W TDP CPU, currently under medium load (TM5 memory stresstest)
    Aircooled by Noctua C14 push-pull (so total of 3x Artic P12, all intake, no other case fans)
  • GPU currently idle
  • 970 EVO Idle in the slot on the front (is not even the system drive yet, so fully idle)

Note: Chipset minimum temperature is not taken at idle, because i just reactivated monitoring for that sensor to take this image.


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Jan 7, 2021
Too lazy to upload an image, but except the 5950x I've pretty much the same setup. Running a 5600x with an Gigabyte 3070 Gaming oc and an B550-I Strix. PC is roughly 3 weeks old.

Temps were after 1h gaming 52C° max. on the motherboard.
CPU 70C° GPU 70C°

Let me know if you need anything more


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Oct 11, 2020
I'm running 3700x and 3080FE and a gen4 nvme in an air cooled setup with a noctua NH-c14s with an 80mm fan underneath and two slim 120s on the side of the case as exhaust I was running a 90mm slim noctua chromax in the rear of the case, but it created very annoying noise at certain RPMs and ditching it raised my CPU temps all of 1C. I'm also running 2 slim 120s on the bottom as intake.

Under heavy gaming load TSI0 hits 71C max after about 30 minutes, but it doesn't seem to hit that and stay.

Run bottom intake and the AIO fans in exhaust.

Googling around, nobody seems to know what TSI0 is actually measuring. I'm going to guess it is the VRMs as it is a motherboard temp and that's the only thing on there that would get that hot. If you run your rear and bottom as intake an the AIO as exhaust with the PSU fan facing the outside panel rather than inside the case, you are pretty much going to be able to max out the airflow while moving cooler air over the VRM heatsink.