Image Credit – AOKZOE
AOKZOE has launched their latest crowd funding campaign via Indiegogo for the new A1Pro handheld gaming PC. In the same design vein of as Valve’s SteamDeck, the A1Pro features substantially higher performing hardware. The 8 core / 16 Thread Ryzen 7840U APU is listed as offering up to 8.6 TFLOPS of performance which is two more than the Xbox One X, and getting very close to the PS5. In comparison, the SteamDeck offers just 1.6 TFLOPS of performance.

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Master of Cramming
Jul 7, 2021
I'm excited for when these CPUs start coming to desktop but loving seeing what the manufacturers are doing with them in handhelds! The lack of handhelds using 'team blue' chips is really a reminder of the difference in strategies but I wonder if Intel are even working on APU-style products given they now have the Arc stack to work from... hmmm
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